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Don't believe me? 

That's why I am here

2023 Second Story Mindset Program Starts January 16th!

This is my most powerful program and it is even more robust this year with custom workouts and nutrition programs! Learn more Here!

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My Story....

I started gaining weight at age 9 and learned at a young age that food could be a huge source of comfort, companionship and entertainment, reliably, any time I desired. My weight climbed steadily through my teen years through binge-eating, crash dieting and secretive night-eating. In 2004 at the age of 26 my weight finally peaked at 405 pounds.

A compliment from a friend snapped me out of my fog of self-loathing one day, and lit a small flame of belief in my soul, that I was lovable, knowable, and valid. That one compliment changed the course of my life forever. It takes loving YOU in order to make any lasting change to get what YOU want and deserve. 

Since then I have lost over 260 pounds. There has been no one solution, there has been no one diet or eating style that has been the kicker. I have stayed willing to reassess, adjust and start over as many times as necessary to reach my goals. 


My goal is to shine a light on the path I have traveled, to guide and encourage those on the path with me who need a word, a tip, a hand, a smile, a cheer. I am here to make my experience count for more than just my body and my life. 

If I can, you can. 

I am you and you are me. 

What I have done proves that it is doable. 

What do you want? 

Let's go get it. 


I offer personalized nutrition plans, workout programs, life coaching and mindset training programs.  Groups, app-based on one-on-one. 

Let's talk and find out how I can best walk with you on your journey back to you!

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Testimonials from current and former clients.....

"Coach Kristen's enthusiasm for my success, ability to explain the life skills for success, and ability to deliver "truth bombs" in a kind and respectful manner were fundamental for my success.  This program has been life changing"


"Kristen is my healer. I had such a distorted view of my ability to succeed and stick to a health eating plan but Kristen taught me how to trust myself, how to choose and how to get up when I fall down.  I have lost 22 pounds with Kristen and I have confidence I never imagined could be mine."

 "This program has been life changing for me!"

"I have lost 15 pounds in the 3 months I have worked with Kristen. This time I am confident I can keep it off and also keep going. I don't obsess over sweets anymore - I know when I can have them and when I don't need them. My lizard brain is caged and I can stop fighting"

"I love the workouts in the app! I have never used an app at the gym before now and it's a game changer! It's so much cheaper than a personal trainer but I have one in the app just a text away. So cool!"

"Kristen Smith has changed my life."

"Kristen is so real. I feel loved and accepted but she also doesn't let me fool myself. I am so grateful I found her podcast and then her programs. She's amazing and as kind and funny in person as she is on the podcast."

I was so bogged down in anger and frustration. Life coaching felt like a silly thing but after years of therapy I wanted a different kind of conversation. I have had more breakthroughs and practical help with Kristen than I have had in a long time with my therapist. It's been refreshing and healing to be pointed to love, forgiveness and a new story instead of sitting in my pain. We've been through similar things and her example has made me want to be more loving to myself.

“I have been working with Kristen for six months now and I have completely and honestly transformed my relationship with my food, my habits, and my self talk. I’ve lost 8 lbs, and more than that, I’ve set myself free from negative, limiting thinking. I’ve started my own business and my husband and I are relocating and situating ourselves to live our dream lives! Thank you so much Kristen Smith for all your clear thinking, support, and belief in me!❤️”

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